Exhibit A

Okay so first up on my list of SEO’ers I would like you to be upstanding for the man, the myth, the legend….Mr David Naylor.

Dave has been selected as a candiadate for outing of others both directly and indirectly for link buying whilst being a proflific link buyer himself.

If this was 1945 and he was a French woman who had a German boyfriend, this would be his head shaving moment. 

So to stay in theme, Mr Naylor does more speeches than Winston Churchill, generally about his favourite subject himself SEO and also renowned as being proud of his Northern Heritage (hear hear) oh and he likes a beer apparently.

Dave is definitely from the SEO old school (if that’s possible in a 10 year old industry). I have spoken to him a quite a few times and he is a pleasant enough bloke to be fair. (ok ill stop being fair right now).

So, DaveN, as his internet moniker is known (not likely to get into MI6) has built a business around himself. He is the brand. Very much like Virgin is synonyms with Richard Branson, David is synonyms with Naylor in SEOland. That’s kinda where the similarities between Dick and Dave stop though if I’m honest.

In the UK there are a handful of SEO firms with billings over £5m pa. The rest of the industry is made up of smaller companies like Daves’, which is no bad thing. They do tend to exaggerate their size and this is amply demonstrated by Daves’ about us page having more information than any other page on his site! The 15 or so staff members bios come with pictures. Every single one of them is wearing black. Someone said it would look better? It’s a uniform? You are in mourning? I would love to know.

So to recap, he does SEO. From a website.

Oh and at the bottom of his site it says “you can’t beat a good rank”.

I’ll do the jokes Dave.

Okay he doesn’t have any of his clients listed so it’s difficult to find them (for normal humans) but has the usual “we have been doing SEO since 1987”. The operation is based in Ripon which is very much like Silicon Valley just without the sunshine. And the positivity. Oh and the hugely successful web companies. However it compensates well with a neat little market that some would call bustling. Listen, I like Ripon before you all start rip in into me….

Work with me people.

Anyway he has a blog and people go there and jovially discuss SEO. Dave moderates it hard and in the past any comment which sways the argument or doesn’t fit will not get through. Trust me, over the years I’ve tried.

He has a relationship with Matt Cutts, and they tweet a bit here an there in a flirty “we are almost mates” kinda way, but like all of those types, its a one way affair.

Okay so for Mr Naylor I have picked his client: www.virginholidaycruises.co.uk

Cruises I hear you say. A niche holiday vertical, of reasonable difficulty, though quite a decent brand to work with.

Here are his current rankings:

Cruises 8th
Cruise 9th
Luxury cruises page 3 somewhere
Im bored of looking now, sorry.

Anyway I am not sure how long he has had this client but looking at the links at least 4 months. Talking of links, you wanna see some? Here ya go:

Lets  start with this little beauty. A bird watching site with a page dedicated, yes you guessed it, to cruises.
Now we have a lovely little blog, in context and absolutely not paid for. Just talking about you know virgin cunard.
One of my personal favourites is his own blog post where after a lengthy but boring post on Google credit card comparison he gets a sneaky in at the end.
Oh actually I do like this one; the old free blog spam from the Independent Newspaper link. Obviously that wasn’t Dave or his team. He wouldn’t do that….
K one more and I’m stopping as this is boring…..a beautifully crafted box for Virgin in his own website on Ripon. Beautiful work Dave.

So there you have it. Not a bad client, doing, well not that great if we’re honest. Link buying galore, nothing that clever and I can see why he doesn’t show his clients off.


Next week I am reviewing a slightly bigger firm, again based in the UK with some very interesting tactics indeed! I may come back to Dave at some point as he some much more interesting clients to gawk at. But we can do that another time.

Oh also reader I do take requests, so if you have a company or individual who likes to out others or says one thing and does the other, let me know and ill give them the Judy treatment.

Disclosure: My way of making income from this blog is by selling links. Dave you owe me £20 (per month) for the ones above, plus you can change the anchor text if you like mate.


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On a quest for truth, justice and the SEO way. I demystify the SEO community paying particular attantion to those who out others for bad pra
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One Response to Exhibit A

  1. MurdochAteMyHamster says:

    We shouldn’t forget to mention the odd fact that Mrs Naylor is now a pawn in all the self-righteous SEO huffing and puffing. I’ve always thought of their co-joined blogging as the SEO equivalent of a pious splash in OK magazine… look how great we are now we quit drugs and/or buying links… WHATEVER. I’m off to buy a link from the Ripon town website.

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