The court is now in session

So a few words from me your host before we get started on this journey of discovery. 

I have wanted for some time now to write an anonymous blog about SEO. Not the bullshit SEO stuff you read everywhere built on what Matt Cutts had for breakfast, but more of a real down and dirty look at what people are doing and how they are doing it. 

My targets for this mission will be selected from the SEO brigade who have the high profiles and are often found at the opening of an envelope the SEO conferences and publically talk about SEO on their blogs. However I will be mainly selecting the SEO’s who either “out” other SEO’s for bad practice or say one thing and do another. 

I know what you’re thinking – I’m gonna be busy. 

One of the things that is remarkable in the SEO market is the amount of SEO companies and individuals who just don’t have a clue. I don’t know of an industry on this planet (other than boxing) where absolutely every company involved claims to be the best. Or the Number 1. Or the Industry Experts. You get the picture. That’s because with one term top of Google for the longest term in the world, they are SEO Gurus. 

I spotted a company not so long ago (sitevisibilty I think) showing off their Number 1 spot for the term “stair lifts” for their prized client “Stannah Stairlifts”. I mean seriously name me another stairlift company in the UK please? 


That’s the sort of bullshit that makes every SEO company say they are #1 and get away with it. 

Okay so before we start with our first victim candidate. I would like you all to have some background reading and know a bit about where I am coming from. 

So let’s start with the people I rate. So in reverse chronological, confused alphabetical order:  

Michael Gray or Graywolf or Mr Wolf depending on how you know him – this guy is straight up funny and he gets it. He stands out in particular for the way in which he is one of the very few public SEO’s who doesnt kiss Matt Cutts arse. Here is an example from his twitter from April 2010: hey @mattcutts is google giving out any free products for links today  #paidlinks #hypocrites #potmeetkettle #doasisaynotasido 

Shaun Anderson of Hobo Web – Although he resides in Sweaty Sockland he has turned into a fan favourite. He is another guy who is a true SEO and not just a big firm with a good sales team. He would definately be in my SEO Dream Team. I liked his article on outing people from last week. 

Rand Fishkin – Yes he looks a little geeky and his haircut is only one gust of wind a way from a famous WW2 German Dictator but you gotta love his work. Switched on cookie. In the dream team 100%.

Shoemoney – Ok, not an SEO, more of a “don’t you wish you were me, I’m so great, pay me some dollars and ill show (sell) you how” kinda guy. But good nonetheless and I like the way he puts SEO into perspective. Plus he used to be the size of Rik Waller and then dropped like 4 stone. Good man. 

Matt Cutts – I like the guy, I really do. Clearly a engineering genius who has now been burdened with celebrity and more arse kissing than David Beckam. If you do read his blog and manage to stay awake through the pictures of his cats, his favourite plug configurations and what he is giving up this week you can often get some great misinformation. I have noticed over the years that as Matt has lost weight, cut his hair and become a politician the comments on his blog have definitely turned from the “you are the greatest ever” to a bit more of “Why should we all jump when you say so – but I love frozen Yogurt too”. 

Okay so thanks for sticking with me new reader. I will be posting weekly, probably on a Friday afternoon but if not it could be a Wednesday. Or a Tuesday. Ill tweet you. Or call you. Or if not ill just drop you a text. 

No scrap that, could you just come back and visit periodically instead please?


About seobiography

On a quest for truth, justice and the SEO way. I demystify the SEO community paying particular attantion to those who out others for bad pra
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3 Responses to The court is now in session

  1. Jon Hudghton says:

    Interesting concept for a blog; not sure doing it anonymously will carry much weight though. Although I do agree there is a heck of a lot of BS in the SEO world.
    One thing that did confuse me is that you say you’re outing the outers, but you list Rand (the king of outing people he doesn’t like) in your SEO-OK list?
    That’s not to say I’m not a fan of Rand (top guy like you say) but yeah, seems like double standards from the off. Ho hum.

    I’ll try and keep up to date with the trials on Twitter anyway 🙂

  2. seobiography says:

    Mr Hudghton, Please be seated.
    Congratulations on being my first comment. Randfish, does do a bit of outing, agreed said and would not be immune from the court. However he does share some good insight and he is certainly on my dream team. That is my “I like” list, not my, “I wont out them for outing list”. Having said that, Hobo is immune from being looked at by being a noble SEO, spending his time working his clients not knocking others.

    So, I have a question for you.
    Please be standing.

    Ok, do you out others for buying links whilst buying links yourself sir? (I will be checking)
    Before you reply, remember you are in a court and lying would be seen as contempt)

  3. Jon Hudghton says:

    Not me guv; not the “outing” type. Nor indeed the link buying type really. I’ll leave that to others 🙂

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